Hello everyone!!!!! It’s been awhile  

I’m back at Cliff and I’m currently sat on my bed catching you all up on the busy few moths I’ve had. It feels great to be able to sit here and write this blog for you all as it’s nice to be able to put on my worship music (which I listen to all the time) and reflect on what I’ve been doing over the past month? It’s been too long since my last blog and a lot has happened so let’s go!

Let’s start with TREK, it was painful, I’m sure my feet still hate me, but overall it was a great chance to talk to others who were walking with us or who we met along the way.

Throughout the trek each day we visited churches along our walk to hear the history of that area, church and the people, we got to know what they do throughout the week and what outreach they do, it was very inspiring to hear so many stories of these churches. There were rainy days (Tuesday morning Lytham to St Annes) sunny days (Wednesday Poulton to Thornton) long days (Thursday Scorton to Morecambe).

 Monday- we walked from Leyland to Fullwood– first day of trek lots of energy (to begin with) not so much by the MIDDLE of the day- great day though, we stopped at 2 churches along the way, one just outside of Preston and the second was central Preston, we ended the day with a brilliant church service at Fullwood – the walk was 10 miles.

Tuesday- we walked from Lytham Methodist Church and after some great bacon butties and crème eggs- thank you very much, we went outside to start our walk and guess ?, yeah you guessed right, it started to rain!!!! But we still carried on walking along the sea front via Fairhaven lake – thank you to the kids, parents, church members and family who came out in the pouring rain to support us all, thank you Grandan for walking it was great, we then stopped off at the drive in St Annes, thank you for the towels and cake. We then carried on into Blackpool, where the sun finally came out – yes, you’re probably thinking right we prayed for sun- thank you Lord!!!, we were then joined by the trek cart and walked to the Comedy Carpet after stopping multiple times along the way to talk to people passing by who were very interested in what we were doing which was great. Then finally made it to new central Blackpool Church which was again a great church service ( featuring cliff year fake gardening in the rain) – the walk was 10 miles.

Wednesday – we walked from Poulton to Thornton via a great Church with equally as great cake- they even gave it us to take on our walk. We then stopped off at Thornton Park ate cake and had lunch, then we went and did some evangelism on the park and had some very encouraging words from some people, some of us then treated ourselves to an ice cream and then we all had a sand sculpting competition on the beach which was actually a lot of fun considering I hate the beach!. We then again ended the day with a lovely service at Thornton Methodist church.

Thursday – such a long day, but we started at the Barn Café in Scorton and visited a tiny chapel not too far from the café and they were soon to be celebrating 200 years of being there, which was great to here. We then walked for a very long time along a canal, we then stopped at the end of the path and had some lunch. It was very nice except we were getting attacked by ducks, yes ducks, well they weren’t really attacking us but they were running towards us wanting our food, we then started to finally head towards our final destination which was the stone jetty in Morecambe, that walk felt unnecessarily long but every time someone would say we were closer we only have said amount of miles left, we all cheered and were motivated to carry on, we were so happy when that stone jetty came into view.! We had a great outdoor service right outside the café with many people passing by., some stopping to listen.


ECG- E- equipping, C- calling G- going is a Christian organisation event which is held in Scarborough every year, this year myself and some amazing Cliff Years got the chance to go and run the kids 5 to 11 venue, at the very last ECG, which I have got to say was an honour -.one of the best things I have ever done. Those kids were incredible we had 20-25 kids for a week I was  1 to ,1 with an amazing 10 year old girl who was such an inspiration. Let me tell you those kids inspired and encouraged a room full of 18y+ with how amazing and accepting they were. We had an entire week of pure godly talks amongst games – clean and messy- those messy games were horrible. Seriously though these kids were soaking in the presence of God all week, each day asking a different question to God and either drawing it or writing it down and the things they HEARD , yes God speaks to all generations from the youngest to the oldest of people, the answers those kids came back with were just incredible, they were not only praying for healing over each other but us leaders too – yes a load of kids the youngest 5 and the eldest 11 and all ages in between, were so accepting of healing they were shouting out people that Jesus had healed in the Bible and then prayed over each other, with one hand raised to God and the other out in front of them. The atmosphere changed when those kids started praying and listening to GOD, we had 18, yes 18 kids give their life to Jesus across the week, yes 5-11’s committed their life to Jesus. This is one of the many reasons I have a passion for kids within churches therefore I believe children NEED a church that is willing to pour into their lives.

We also had a lot of fun- we played messy games, as in the leaders played messy games yuck I had to play 2 which were equally as disgusting– the first one I had to eat jelly – yes jelly ( it gets worse) out of tights yes tights – they were clean but that’s not the point it was gross but I didn’t lose, then I had to draw a kid out of my group the red team (on paper) with my toes using things like brown sauce, mayonnaise, sweetcorn, shaving foam it was vile but again I didn’t lose but I did have to walk upstairs to the closest toilet to wash my feet off!. We did crafts, worship songs and even had our own ECG kids theme song, and to make it more interesting whichever team leader lost at their messy game got a pie in the face with shaving foam thankfully I didn’t lose, then if they lost the messy game in the evening session they got gunged with slime ??? everyone loved it including the leaders we got a good laugh out of all the games well at least the ones I didn’t do.  

Also to top of the month of April I GOT BAPTIZED at ECG, in the Scarborough sea!!!!!!!!!!!

They were doing baptisms on the Saturday at ECG and I decided to do it so I did, I shocked myself as I hate sand and I hate the sea but I did it and I may not have had blood family there but I had my amazing supporting Cliff family there which was amazing and it was incredible, don’t get me wrong it was FREEZING but so so worth it ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!

Until the next blog God Bless you all and thank you for praying for me.

 Love Emma xx