Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

Being back at Cliff this semester has certainly been interesting and difficult! As you may of read in my previous Cliff blog everything started off great, but then COVID paid an unwanted visit to Cliff which started off with one student on Monday the 31st of January with a friend of mine, then made its rounds between everyone around me,, BUT I was lucky and was one of the only students NOT to get it thankfully, but that did not mean I could do whatever I wanted as we were put on a ten day lockdown which started Tuesday the 1st of February and anyone with symptoms was to isolate which meant the majority of the students meaning all my friends. So it was very lonely, difficult and weird to be facetiming people you live with, to eat meals that were delivered to your door yes that’s right we had room service!, we would get a call from reception in the morning with the menu for the day and we would tell them what we wanted and at the appropriate time it would be delivered.

As being one of the ones who tested negative through out it all I was still able to go on lots of walks by and over the river which was very nice and relaxing.


But the drama and chaos does not stop there! as I woke up on Sunday the 5th of February to water in my room, you’re probably thinking what in your room?……Yes in my room, it was raining, and my wall started to leak. So I had to call people up and move everything away from my water feature….. yes I have water lines down my wall very unique if you ask me, but at that time I could not do anything but laugh because of 2 reasons, why does it have to happen to me?, and why now when everyone else is isolating due to covid ? haha?. So I called up and emailed the correct people and on Wednesday morning they sent a drone up to have a look at the roof as that is where the problem clearly is, so on Thursday I found out that there is a gigantic hole in the roof, so please pray they can get it fixed and also that is doesn’t rain hard.

Any way after all that happened over the weekend we started our schools training to be able to go into schools and do assemblies and lessons which sadly had to be done over zoom instead of in person again due to covid, but we still had a great time with Michael J Tinker, who is a very well known children and families worker and he will be coming to do an in person day session after we get back off half term. 

But as of Thursday my friends were able to come out of isolation so we went on a walk around Chatsworth and explored the woods behind the house and found some beautiful places.  

Then on Friday one of my friends went to pick another student up from the train station and this student randomly wanted to go horse riding…. Yes you are thinking correctly, so my friend being her booked it and then asked us if we wanted to go and of course we said why not, so I spent my Friday afternoon on a horse named Paris ? yes a horse. Last time I was on a horse quite a few years ago, I dramatically fell off, so this was quite an achievement for me.

As I am writing this it is not long until I come home for half term yes that’s right I’m back home soon and I’m very excited ?