Hey everyone,

I had a great Christmas catching up with friends, family and coming to Church. I am back at Cliff now, I arrived safely with ALL my things on Sunday the 9th of January. I have settled back in nicely, loving being with everyone again, catching up, having some laughs, and trying to keep warm!.

Throughout this week we have been settling back into a routine with various sessions and finding out all about this Semester and what we are going to be doing. The timetable we have been given looks crazy and is completely full yet there are still things to add that are missing, so we are told!

This semester is full of things like sessions, community outreach, church services, Cliff trek, ECG and Cliff festival and so much more we don’t know about yet.

This week I found a nice spot to sit, it’s just a short walk away from Cliff maybe 15 mins. I went there on Thursday just by myself to sit, pray and just get my head around being back and being so busy! It was good to spend that time alone enjoying God’s beautiful creation. Some of the photos show where I was.

Another blog will follow in a few weeks. Love to you All, take care, Emma