Sunday Club and Creche

We have had a great time in Sunday Club over the last months.  The numbers of children who have been in Sunday Club have on the whole increased and on Easter Sunday we had 10 children taking part in our activities!

Since the New Year we have studied various subjects from the Bible, covering Moses, Jesus growing up and choosing his disciples, Mothering Sunday, Easter and now we have just started to look at Joseph.   We are currently using sticker books to help us get into the stories and understand the Bible, the children love using these, and some of the older ones enjoy reading the story from the book to the younger children.

We also look at DVD’s, have colouring sheets and best of all lots of glue activities.

We have just been given a set of musical instruments to use and the children have had great pleasure in these when we sing our songs.  We like to teach the children to pray too and they are very good at thinking of who to p